Dennis Kucinich

On Friday, while on my way up to the suburbs for the weekend I was listening as usual to Air America (I can only get it in the car so I listen to it all the time while I drive) and to my favorite host, Randi Rhodes. She spent an hour with Dennis Kucinich who I should admit I’d only knew little about up till now. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he’s a congressman from Ohio and he ran for president a few years back as an independent. I’ll let you guess his political slant.

Anyway, she started off the segment with a recording from one of his speeches on the hill. You can hear it here and/or read the transcript, though I really recommend you listen to the speech in his voice. Wow! We need to have more people like this guy in congress. Though he’s in the minority, he is fighting the establishment every step of the way.

I urge you to donate to his campaign so he can continue to fight for the few us in America that have brains.

2 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich

  1. I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Every fact she uses on her show is sourced. She knows more about world politics than most leaders. She cares about her cause more than most voters.

    Now, I agree that she may be pretty hard core left sometimes but that’s her job. She is there to counter the hate and the ignorance that comes from the Right side commontaters like Rush the pill popping moron and The Factor who not only is hateful but is a complete lier..

    But.. you’re entitled to your opinion..

    Debate is good you know.


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