The UK Plot – more comments

So.. now it seems that people are going to cut back on their air travel.. not becasue of fear of terror, but for avoidance of severe inconvenience. I agree. If they ban carry on bags and laptops “Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Michigan, said the situation ‘eliminates the days of carry-on baggage.'” I can see that people are going to cut back on casual flying.

So, I suppose that we can now call our government terrorists. Why? Well, their regulations and enforcement are going to be the main reason that people stop flying. Sure you can say that their policies are the result of the new threat level and sure you can say the threat level has been raised due to the UK plot and sure you can blame th UK plot on the people involved and sure you can say that the people involved did what they did for some reason, and on and on.. since you can basicly go back forever, it only makes sense to me to assign blame to the people one step back from the problem and that is the TSA and our government.

But anyway, I’m just trying to make a point here.. Not unlike when I wondered what a terrorist is exactly. I mean, the blame for this should be shared by all of us. Our country is a target for these people becasue of our policies and our meddling in the Middle East. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can head to some solution. Calling these radicals ‘terrorists’ and grouping them all together as this great evil enemy is no way to create a lasting peace in the world. If we could only agree that these are simply other humans who have differing opinions than ours, we could perhaps see why they have resorted to the techniques they have.

Have you ever been in an argument that escilated to the point of becomming irrational? Can you see how this can be translated to groups of people? The solution is not to come to blows, the solution is to step back, take a time out for a while and then approach each other peacefully to work out a compromise. Like a good friend of mine suggested the other day, we should seriously think about a full pullout of the Middle East. No oil, no troops, nothing.. a full disengagement from that region for 10-20 years..

But that won’t happen. The ‘terrorists’ will ‘cripple’ the airlines and we will end up bailing them out again. Yup. Think $10-20 Billion to the airlines (public companies mind you) to make up for lost sales.. Yea.. that fits in perfectly with the capitalist, free market model.. yup..

2 thoughts on “The UK Plot – more comments

  1. “The shipment might be approved along with a directive to Israel that it must be especially careful about firing the rockets into populated areas, a senior official told the paper.”that is hysterical.. yea, here’s a little note on how to safely use our weapons.. we americans are so fucking stupid sometimes.. I bet some lawyer said “we have to include some warning! maybe something like we have on fireworks.. yea.. that should be fine..”


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