Fake Photos in real news organizations

Well. First we have the Reuters scandal, and now there are allegations of a staged dead guy by renowned photojournalist Tyler Hicks in the New York Times.

I’m actually pretty amazed that this is first time that doctored photos are being found in the MSM. I mean, photoshop has been around forever now and we all know that for years we’ve had fake celebrity photos.. why it took so long for this to get mainstream is a mystery to me..

Who can we trust anymore? Do we need to source our daily newspapers now? We need a news organization that does TV, Print and Internet as objective as possible, one that is more than trustworthy..

UPDATE : here is a great site covering all the Reuters Photo infractions.. I am having trouble loading all the images, but I think it’s the crazy Comcast caching not working as planned so your results may vary…

5 thoughts on “Fake Photos in real news organizations

  1. surprise, surprise, the New York Times does something underhanded…..if this was a conserative news publication all the liberals would be slaughtering them.


  2. See, I like you but I think that you are showing your Republican too much. I think that the probelm in America isn’t that we have liberals and conservatives, the problem is that we fight with each other over the differences more than we embrace them. Your post is a perfect example.

    Let me tell you what I mean. While I disagree with a lot I read in the Washington Post and the LA Times I still expect them to be honest journalists. Just as I expect the NYT to as well.

    I believe that to be strong, we need differences and debate in this country. But I believe that the representatives on both of those sides should be honest and objective all the time when they are reporting news.

    That is why I posted this thing on the NYT and that’s also why I posted about FNC. They are examples of dishonesty and that should be fought no matter what the slant of the organization!


  3. Fair enough. I stand corrected. You bring up a good point. Sometimes, I just get on a republican rant…sorry. You have indeed shown your ability to be fair by posting about FNC’s transgressions as well as NYT.


  4. by the way, when I’m bored at work, I’ve been scanning some of your old blogs…and I see that you started this one off by saying that you had a stalker of sorts some years ago. Well, I have another blog that was personal and then some of my friends talked me into writing a sex blog. Long story short, i had to take it down, because there’s a psycho guy who tracked down my work address, my home address, etc through the blog. He even got in contact with one of my friends whose picture I had posted. Any advice? How did you resolve your stalker situation. It’s kinda starting to scare me and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t take further action. Sorry, if this isn’t the place to post this. Delete if it is.


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