There should be a law against News agencies Lying

I mean really. Apparently FOX news (which half of my parents swear by.. along with half the nation) is still reporting that the..well, see for yourself:

This really is remarkable, even by Fox News standards. Four days after the Israeli government admitted to, and apologized for, mistakenly bombing a civilian apartment building in the Lebanese town of Qana and killing 60 innocents in the process, American right-wingers continue to scramble, trying to create a parallel universe explanation where fungible facts show it wasn’t Israel’s fault at all. In fact, Israel’s the victim of a massive Qana hoax. Naturally, Fox News’ high-profile hosts and guests are leading the delusional charge.

From “Fox News Continues to Suggest Israel Did Not Bomb Qana“.

This, to me, is blatant disinformation being sold as news.. how can we expect the citizens of this nation to stay informed while the MSM allows lies to be told to them in the form of news? Shouldn’t someone be doing something about this?

2 thoughts on “There should be a law against News agencies Lying

  1. Alright, good point…but how about liberals still swearing by Farenhit 9-11, Michael Moore’s film when even the NY Times, the most liberal paper in America (next to the Los Angeles times)pointed out numerous inaccuracies in the film. Why is it that one instance of FOX news screwing up can be shouted from the rooftops, but the liberal media (CNN, MSNBC, etc) can spout off whatever they want and the liberals have nothing to say?


  2. Farenheight 9/11 was a movie.. Even though it was a documentary, it was not considered (nor should it be considered) a valid news source. To me the news sources I’m talking about are the ones on TV, in print and in radio. To call them liberal or conservative is doing us all a disservice. We as Americans should be entitled to solid, objective, sourced news reporting. Anything else should be clearly labled as opinion. For an example of what I’m talking about, watch the BBC world news one day.


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