Comcast Sucks

My internet connection (provided by Comcast) is down again. I had serious problems a month of so ago and now, starting at 2:09PM I’ve got intermittant connection issues with frequent 100% packet loss.

Of course I’ve spoken to the comcast rep and of course I’ve had to do the usual routine with them (“How many lights are on the modem?”, “have you cleared your cookies?”, etc. etc.).. No matter what amount of detail I provide to them (like the actual times for the outages, or the signal levels at the modem, etc.) they still insist that it’s probably an issue at my end and they need to send a helpful fix-it guy to me (“earliest appointment is Friday at 5pm.. is that ok?”)…


The sad thing is that I know it’s either a line issue or something at the head end and if others in my loop were using (or attempting to use) thier net connection right now and had been monitoring it like I do, they could corroborate my complaint and we can get a line tech out here pronto.. you know that to get a line tech to even become aware of an issue a house tech has to come and visit your home first..


So, whatever.. I’m writing this out now so it will be on the public record. If you’ve got Comcast internet and live in South Philly, and you had major (there were 25 minor outages between 2 and 4pm so far) outages at 2:09PM, 2:45PM, 3:06PM, 3:39PM then you weren’t alone..

Since I finished writing this post I’ve been unable to post it because now the net is practically completely gone.. serious outages happening every few minutes..


I’ve attached this graphic to show you what I’m talking about. I use a great tool called PingPlotter to ping a location every 10 seconds (I use google) and the tool plots the ping times. Times with full 100% packet loss are shown as red lines. (click on it to see it in full size)

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