Oh My God

I click on the ads that appear from google (at the top of the page) once annd a while for fun and for profit. In either case, I just came across this one. Can you believe what that is? Can these snake oil proprieters be any more devious and deceptive? Prey on us please.. we’re ignorant fucks and all we know about “Stem Cells” is that we’ve heard it in the news.. this product must be what they all are talking about.. We should buy some right away!

And the sad thing is that they will sell 10,000,000 of those bottles..

A remarkable new product called StemEnhance� has just come on the market that can help your body to help itself! If you watch the news, you’ve seen reports on the benefits of stem cells, however… Unlike the very controversial use of human embryonic stem cells, StemEnhance� is a botanical extract that contains no stem cells. StemEnhance� supports the natural release of adult stem cells from your own bone marrow.

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