Editing Films

You know, I gave up my Blockbuster membership the day I rented a film from them and relaized that it had scenes cut from it (I had seen the film previously). I was amazed that they didn’t even let me know that they had edited the film. Further research proved that they, as a policy, would edit films to remove content they found offensive. They still do and that’s why (I believe) their onlie DVD rental service can’t get any traction.

I was always amazed that the MPAA would let them get away with the editing. Apparently, the times are changing and there are judges in this country who agree that it’s better to do the right thing and follow logic instead of catering to the crazy right wing thought police. This is a good thing.

3 thoughts on “Editing Films

  1. ha, i was reading the first part of the post and about to start searchin for that exact ars technica article.

    i prefer to buy films i really like, but i am a member of TLA and have been quite happy with their selection.


  2. Yea.. TLA rules.. we’re kind of lucky to have them here, but for the rest of the country.. who knows? The censorship wars are really scary.. I’m glad that at least someone gets it.


  3. I’ve been aware of this for the many years that BBV has been doing it and all the while wondering, “how do they get away with this?”
    To me, it’s like Borders or Barnes & Noble selling books that had certain pages carefully ripped out that they deemed as perverted or whatever their idea of perverted was. Clearly, it is unconstitutional and as censorsorship turns into another one of the Churches handguns, it’s even more disturbing that it has gone on for so long.


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