Rolling Stone talks about Iran

Rolling stone is really rolling. First the voting fraud article and now this one about how the thought of invading Iran has been percolating in the US government. It’s a killer spy story and actually makes our neocon friends seem like such assholes (which is always a good thing).. Case in point :

The revelation shocked Franklin and other members of Feith’s office. If true, the allegations meant that they had just launched a war to put into power an agent of their mortal enemy, Iran. Their man—the dissident leader who sat behind the first lady in the president’s box during the State of the Union address in which Bush prepared the country for war—appeared to have been working for Iran all along.

They are talking about how Ahmed Chalabi who was one of the cheif people pusing for our invasion of Iraq was being suspected of actually working for Iran.. This stuff is just amazing!

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