FBI plans new Net-tapping push

I want to write a big post about this but I don’t know what my opinion is right now. First off I think I want others in the blog world to be more aware of this issue. Secondly I hope to form an opinion on this. On the one hand, what makes building tapping ablility into network gear any different than what is mandated for phone switches? To have the ability to tap isn’t the same as tapping everything.. but on the other hand, why let the govt have more potential to abuse its power and infringe on our rights? Also it’s all kind of moot to me becasue if I wanted secure communication I think I could achieve it (or come close to it) with just a little effort and if I want secret communication over the net I could do that too with a little more work.. Easy Encryption for everyone is my big belief and this article should at least give us more cause to fight for that.

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