The stem-cell debate (and why pro-lifers are morons)

I should have a weekly post “What I read in The Week this week” which would give you the highlights of what I read in a magazine that in itself attempts to fit all the news from that week into tiny readable nuggets. It seems like I always get inspired to post stuff from there. Well, anyway, today I want to make you aware of a great article on about stem-cell research. Actually it makes the argument that the anti-abortion idiots are against stem cells for other than moral reasons or they are simply idiots. Here is a taste :

…If you believe that embryos a few days after conception have the same human rights as you or me, killing innocent embryos is obviously intolerable. But do opponents of stem-cell research really believe that? Stem cells test that belief, and sharpen the basic right-to-life question, in a way abortion never has.

Here’s why: Stem cells used in medical research generally come from fertility clinics, which produce more embryos than they can use. This isn’t an accident—it is essential to their mission of helping people to have babies. Often these are “test tube babies”: the product of an egg fertilized in the lab and then implanted in a womb to develop until birth…In any particular case, fertility clinics try to produce more embryos than they intend to implant. Then—like the Yale admissions office (only more accurately)—they pick and choose among the candidates, looking for qualities that make for a better human being. If you don’t get into Yale, you have to attend a different college. If the fertility clinic rejects you, you get flushed away—or maybe frozen until the day you can be discarded without controversy…In short, if embryos are human beings with full human rights, fertility clinics are death camps—with a side order of cold-blooded eugenics. No one who truly believes in the humanity of embryos could possibly think otherwise.

One thought on “The stem-cell debate (and why pro-lifers are morons)

  1. This really should be required reading for all the pro-life nut jobs out there. I’d love to hear their reaction to this one.


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