Should plants be illegal?

Isn’t it about time that we start a national discussion on why it is illegal to grow certain types of plants in our backyards? Two of them that I know of are listed as Schedule 1 drugs by the DEA and posession of them will lead to serious jailtime. Mushrooms of a certain breed and a certain weed are two completely natural substances (no different than dirt as far as nature is concerned). Why is it that it is illegal to have them growing on your own property?

And don’t tell me that its for our own good. Pot has been proven safe and useful in any number of studies and it seems that mushrooms are on the same path. Imagine that. Imagine that a natural substance could be harmless to us. For those of you God people out there, think of it this way: If god gave us the earth, why would he have created these plants? I bet after you thought about it for a while, all you could come up with to counter me is to say something like “God the Lord put them on this earth to tempt us and we should fight the temptation. They are a test that we should all strive to pass. Praise Jesus!”. I say that if we allow the government to keep us from them then they are blocking the will of god since they are effectively making us skip gods test.

But enough of this religious crap. This is just plain stupid and we as a people need to start realizing that.

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