Madonna and the Moron

Last night I went to the Madonna concert. A friend had wanted to go so I got us some tickets. I was lucky enough to score seats in a box (I’m not a fan of concert crowds and standing during the whole show and being forced to dance and wave my hands, etc.). Madonna is not my favorite artist, but hers is a concert that I’d always wanted to see for the pure spectacle of it (Michael Jackson and Prince would be two others on my list for the same reasons).

I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I was pretty surprised. The show was really good and highly recommended. The stage was huge with a huge catwalk extending all the way up to the ½ way point of the Wachovia Center. Also there were two side catwalks extending diagonally out into the first 15 or so rows of the side audience sections. On these catwalks were the other performers in the show doing all kinds of stuff.. dancing, running, jumping, skating, singing, etc. The band was made up of 4 guys on the stage, each on their own moving platform. They didn’t do much except play in perfect synchronicity with the 3 huge video screens playing cool video clips (including one that made huge fun of GWB). The band also had a costume change which was pretty impressive since the rest of the show seemed to change clothes for every song. The lights were cool and there were all kinds of surprises. She did mostly new songs so I didn’t know them at all. But they were all pretty good.

Madonna herself was quite good for a 48 year old. First off, she looked amazing and was in incredible shape. She was pretty skilled at pacing herself so she looked like she was doing a lot of running around but she really wasn’t. Even though she wasn’t going crazy the whole time, she entertained quite well. It was if she was thinking “hey, I’ve done this too many times now, I know how to pace myself perfectly.. no need to act like a speed freak”.

So, now for the moron. Most stupid things people say and do these days seem to really disappoint me but I’m hardly ever surprised. Last night I was genuinely shocked at what happened. One of the people in Madonna’s show was this Indian looking guy who played this cool Middle Eastern horn and did some singing as well. The reason I said he was Indian looking was his complexion and his turban. After a few songs Madonna sat down on a stool with a guitar to sing and this guy sat next to her. Madonna joked “This is my friend James [I think that was his name], he walked all the way here from Yemen”. So I was off a little bit. The guy was probably a Yemeni Hindu.

Next thing I hear is a genuine exclamation of terror from a woman in the next box: “What the fuck is a terrorist doing on stage?”. This was impressive since it was quite loud there at the concert and it’s hard to hear anything other than the show. But I heard this lady. Throughout the entire song all she would do is complain to whoever (I couldn’t turn around much to see since it would be too obvious) she was in the box with that they should leave immediately because (and I’m sure I heard this right) “We shouldn’t give her our money since she supports terrorists!”. They must have told her she was an idiot because then she started arguing with someone and said “He’s got a bomb under his fucking yarmulke! This is bullshit! Yemen is where the terrorists come from!”.. and on and on.

Do I even have to explain how shocked I was at this? I mean, seriously. I can understand some ignorance and stupidity, but this lady was past that and in a fury over something that clearly was a delusion. More than that, her delusion was obviously a symptom of the fear mongering by the BWH combined with the general group conditioning to not use ones brain that has been being going on with the GOP followers.

I don’t like the two party system, but I still can envision one that encourages debate and I can respect the Republican party, but this woman is an example (here in a Blue state, in a cosmopolitan city) of how bad it is becoming with our citizens. People are past intelligent debate and are turning into deaf and blind followers of the new Nazi party. People like this woman (that I had heretofore considered only existing in the southern Red states) instill me with all kinds of fear and dread.  Wow.. we are worse off than I thought!

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