PayPal now charging fees

I’ve used Paypal literally since it began. I’ve always been quite happy with the servive over the years, simple, fast, efficianet, popular. So you could imagine that it came as a huge surprise that when I looked at my last ebay sale payment, I was charged a fee for the transaction. The fee is a huge 3%. Now, I’ve never complained when they held my balances for 20 or so days with no interest and I’ve never charged them for the free advertising they get when on my eBay auctions I state “will accept paypal only”. But they decided to charge me to use their service out of the blue.

I’m sure they sent me an email on the subject at some point, but I never read any paypal emails since 80% of them are phishing attempts (something else I never complained to them about.. and never charged them for my services in helping them track down phishers)..

So, they can go fuck themselves. I’m not using their service again until they drop these fees. I’m sure my business is nothing to them, but if I can spread the word, perhpas I can affect them in some way. Besides, what they are doing is just plain wrong. Bummer.. dumb asses…

One thought on “PayPal now charging fees

  1. ridiculous! Thanks for spreading the word! I’m not using them until they drop them. This is total bull.


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