Wind is the Way today

If you live in Pennsylvania and use Peco energy you can help kick start the alternative energy market without spending much money.. like.. at all.

Here’s the deal. There is this big wind farm that just went online in the Poconos. There are others, but this one is tied into a deal with Peco where they will sell us electricity at only about 2.6 cents per Kilowatt hour more than Peco charges for its usual (fossil generated) electricity. By signing up with peco, you can buy your electricity from the farm.

Now. Understand that you pay about 6.6 cents per KWH now so another 2.6 cents is like a 40% increase in your cost. That is a lot of money when you are averaging 500-1000 KWH per month. That’s why Peco is allowing you to buy blocks of 100 KWH per month. So for instance you can buy one block for $2.65 a month extra on your bill.

Why would you do this? Simple. The ultimate goal is to increase demand for alternative energy nationwide so more wind farms and solar farms will be built. The more demand, the more supply will come online and of course you know that that will ultimately lead to a drop in the cost. The key is get the initial ball rolling downhill and that is where you can help with your simple 10 cents a day.

This is something that almost everyone can do and it is incredibly easy to set up. Simply go to the enrollment page, type in your account number and select your block size and you’re good to go. You single handedly will be combating global warming in a real way! So get moving!!

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