Tomorrow I have a job interview at Comcast in a R&D department. You know, I’m not sure I can take the job since I really don’t like the company, particularly their internet service. Over the past 2 weeks my service has been really bad. Every hour or so the service refuses to establish a connection and all packets are dropped. Sure this lasts only about 30 seconds or so, but it happens all the time and it’s really disruptive to my life. In addition to that, establishing connections in general are taking a really long time. For example, if I type in and hit enter, I have to wait about 5-7 seconds before the connection is established and the page loads. Interestingly enough when I do the page loads instantly. This is telling me that comcast is caching pages and that is a deceptive to make me (and you) feel like we have a fast connection. For the average user, they won’t have any issues since in general they stay within a pretty common boundary of sites, but me, I’m all over the place when I browse and I use lots of non web internet services as well. Loosing connections and taking time to establish them in the first place is really lame.

Oh.. I’ve called them. First off, my account info is somehow corrupted so the tech services folks have no idea who I am. Secondly they have sent people to fix the issue. So far in the past 3 months I’ve had to wait home 4 times. Comcast offers to reimburse me but only like $1 a day for the lost service that day.. that’s useful. Oh.. and the problem after the technicians are here has yet to be fixed correctly.

So, to sum up, I’ve had time wasted, days wasted, tech calls that have done nothing and still my net is still fucked up beyond belief. Fios isn’t available yet, but when it is, I’m going to be the first on my block. Until then I’m going to investigate DSL (yet again! Don’t even get me started on Verizon and Covad DSL)..

What the fuck man?

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