Burn baby Burn

Well. Some may find this story just the most appaling thing ever, but I really find it somehow hysterical. Why? Well, jsut today I was reading an article in USA Today about how the VFW is a staunch supporter of the anti flag burning constitutional amendment. So it is somehow fitting that a VFW had their flag burned.

How shocking someone burned a flag!! How evil, how unpatriotic!! How fucking stupid! A flag is a piece of cloth. Sure it’s a symbol that represents this country, but only to those who need to worship a symbol. For those of us with a brain, we know that America is more than a stupid flag.

One of the most important things that make America special is that it is country of freedom, even with the crazy republicans chipping away at our rights. One of those tenants of freedom is our freedom of expression. That means that we are perfectly allowed to speak out on issues and perfectly free to burn a flag if we so choose. To try and make flag burning illegal is to support a view of America where we are less free and that is just plain stupid.

So, I say, on flag day we should excercise our rights and burn our flag. It would be a wake up call to all the crazy red staters and ‘patriots’ that Freedom is all about Freedom. It would be a statement where we in essence would say “Fuck yea we’re American and we’re patriots and to proove it we’re going to show the world that in America, we have freedom from oprression. Furthermore we’re going to show the world that a symbol is a symbol and the intent of the action is what counts (pay attention you crazy mahmoud cartoon fanatics). In America we are free and we are proud of it!”

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