Channel 6 shouldn’t cover any more bike races

I don’t really feel like writing today, but I have to mention that the coverage of the bike race today on Channel 6 was poor at best. The announcers were terrible. It was obvious that they had some knowlede, but not much and they were simply miserable as announcers. One of them used the same expression over 5 times. Both of them seemed really intent on building some story out of a race that had no major breakaways during their coverage. It was obvious that it was going to end up a sprint finish but yet they seemed so amazed that the winner wasn’t one of the 5 at the lead of the peleton in the previous lap. Not that they called it a peleton more than one time. Was pretty sad and it really wasn’t any better when they began their broadcast. It took me 30 minutes to even figure out what happened during the (untelevised) beginning 3/4’s od the race. I’m still not really clear.. way to get me caught up people. It was pretty sad.

2 thoughts on “Channel 6 shouldn’t cover any more bike races

  1. “Team CSC is tearing the pack to shreds!” -Annoying Anouncer GuyIs that the phrase you were referring to? I couldn’t agree more with your assesment. I was at the race (I Tivo’s the TV coverage), so I knew what had happened (as much as you can from standing in one section of the course, though I moved around a bit), but the coverage gave you no indication of what had happened. It is a shame, I hope Philly doesn’t lose this race, but feel that it is inevitable. I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of knowledge of the teams/riders. So they had no idea if the breakaway group was composed of any of the stronger teams/rider, or if they were out there just to be out there. They kept refering to team CSC as the best team in the world, and while that is probably true, it really has no bearing on the race yesterday, as I assume that is the equivalent of their single A squad.I am new to cycling, and really enjoy watching Cyclism Sundays (on OLN), though I have heard similar complaints about their coverage. But its worth it just to hear that British chap, Phil Ligget, do the commercials for the upcoming hockey playoff games, priceless.


  2. Yes.. exactly.. that was making me crazy! And yes the CSC team there at th philly race was definately tehir farm team. The real team just finished the Libere in France.. OLN is doing a pretty good job. Phill Ligget and Paul Sherwin are great and have been together for like 30 years. Wait until the Tour and they add in the crazy Bob Roll. Oveall the OLN coverage is ok. I’ve complained about it in the past, but compared to the channel 6 coverage, it is steller!


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