The Roll Call for the Gay Marriage amendment

As promised two posts ago, here is a list of some of the votes from the bill. The entire list can be found here. I had fun cross tabbing the list against the list of reps on hallwatch.

Philadelphia Republican NO votes (give these guys a pass when they run) :

McIlhinney, Charles T. – NO (clearly a good man)
O’Neill, Bernard T. – NO (nice.. 4 year rookie.. obivously deserves a chance)
Ross, Chris – NO
Rubley, Carole A. – NO
Steil, David J. – NO
Watson, Katharine M. – NO – (another rookie.. go Katharine!)

Other Republican NO votes :

Diven, Michael – NO (Pittsburgh delagation, but still a good man)
Good, Matthew – NO (Altoona)
Nickol, Steven R. – NO – (Harrisburg)
Smith, Bruce I. – NO – (Go Harrisburg!)

Philadelphia Democrat YES votes (vote these bums out!!):

Caltagirone, Thomas R. – YES (30 year vet in the house.. time to retire bud)
Corrigan, Thomas C. – YES (20 year vet, 68 years old.. see ya!)
Melio, Anthony J. – YES (20 years, 74 years old.. see a pattern forming?)
Donatucci, Robert C. – Did not Vote (could have voted NO for us, did he duck?)

Other Democratic YES votes I’ll leave as an excercise.. I really have to get back to work.

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