D or R anyone who voted YES needs to go..

Let’s talk about the brilliant legislation passed by our state house Tuesday. Let’s talk about House Bill 2381, or the constitutional ban on gay marriage.

The vote was 136-61
. Of that vote, 41 of the YES votes were Democrats. So if the Democrats had all voted NO, the vote could have been 102-95 against. First of all, it’s already illegal for gays to marry in Pennsylvania. Secondly, this is purely the work of the GOP in hopes to get the amendment on the ballot for the midterms, like they did in so many states in the 2004 presidential race.

So not only did our Democratic representatives waste time on this issue when there are so many other important things to deal with in the state assembly, they wasted time voting on something that would be redundant and they wasted time voting on something that is clearly a ploy of the GOP.

I say those people need to be voted out of office. And let me say that this isn’t a D and R issue. The passage of this bill is a clear roadmap for us voters…we now know who the idiots are! I say, Democrat or Republican, the people who voted YES on this bill should be voted out of their seats. I say Democrat or Republican, the people who voted NO on this bill should be allowed to keep their jobs since they obviously have integrity and intelligence. It’s amazing. I don’t even need to add in the argument that voting YES is totally morally wrong and discriminatory. The sheer stupidity and pandering here is clear enough on its own.

I had planned on listing for you all of the members of the house and what they voted on this bill but our state doesn’t seem to make that info available on the web. Though I could be wrong. So far all I can find is the actual bill itself. I’ve contacted a source and I should have the full list by tomorrow.. stay tuned!

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