See, this is not objective

Here is what I’ve been complaining about in the MSM the past few years. Here is the first 2 paragraphs of an article in the Daily News today :

WHO WERE the thugs who shot a beloved father of two as he worked the graveyard shift guarding a construction site?

Who would creep up on Michael Powell, 39, as he sat in his locked SUV and pump a volley of bullets into the windows just after midnight yesterday, striking the devout churchgoer in the neck and chest?

As you read them, do you see what I’m saying when I say that the MSM has lost all objectivity?

“Who were the thugs…” : who says they are thugs? Maybe they were vigilanties and the guy shot was a drug dealer.. were they thugs then? or heroes?

“Who would creep up on…” : Why should the writer make assumptions on how the shooters approached the victim? And further, why ask “Who could do this?” or “Who would do this?”.. just tell me the facts lady! I don’t need your personal opinion.

I know these are minor quips, but still, when added up across all the papers in the nation and all the news agencies, these things add up in a big, negative way. The news is supposed to be objective. Why can’t we as a people hold the MSM to this standard? Why do we not care anymore?

2 thoughts on “See, this is not objective

  1. Are you kidding me? Seriously, you’re going to complain about lack of objectivity when describing two murderers? Do you feel they weren’t dealt with fairly? Christ, you need a hobby.


  2. Yes I certainly am. News in general is going to be bad. I already know that coming into it. So why do I need someone to co-miserate with me? I want the facts, I want the news. I don’t need someones commentary on the subject. If I wanted that I would have asked a friend for the daily news.


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