Yea…so.. what can I do but complain?

So I’ve got Comcast cable.. and I’m a huge hockey fan.. as you all should know, it’s game 7 between buffalo and carolina.. it’s 2-2 with 10 minutes to go in the third period.. You know how I know? I’m moitoring the score on the net. Why am I not watching it? Well, Comcast seems to have forgotten how to broadcast OLN. Other channels are working, but OLN simply says “no signal”. I’ve called to complain, no luck.. been on hold for 15 minutes.. what can they do? give me a refund for today? Is that a fair valuation? I have Comcast so I can watch what I want when I want. I don’t jsut watch whatever is on.. so 1/30th of my $150 a month really means nothing at all to me. See, like most sports fans I would probably pay $50 to watch this damn game, but I can’t becasue Comcast is a company full of morons. I wonder if they will blame it on the weather.. Hmn.. isn’t that supposed to be an argument against DirecTV?

6 thoughts on “Yea…so.. what can I do but complain?

  1. It was a good game, nice to see Rod Brind’Amour, Justin Williams and Mark Recchi Kicking some ass.OLN also said no signal but I could watch the game on the HD station. ?


  2. i too hate those comcast bastards, but the problem was regional methinks due to the storms last night. my cable was cutting in and out and freezing for a lot of last night.


  3. see here.. don’t they have reduncancy? I mean, why do they need to get these channels off the air? Why not have backup streams of them over the net? Comcast is so 20th century.


  4. only one station did not work on my comcast box and it was OLN. ?…and I think Sirrus should create some kind of service like On-Demand with a library of shows to listen to at a later time.


  5. Well, the S50 has PVR like functionality.. But I have heard that idea a few times actually.. I don’t think they can do it though. Unlike cable, they are a broadcast service so they can’t do a point to point service like on-demand.. Though I could be wrong..


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