The War on Terror

Linking to good posts is kind of a cop out, I know, but I’m not inspired today.. well, that’s not true at all, I’ve got all these ideas but I can’t focus on one and even if I could I just don’t feel like writing..

Anyway, Matt Stoller posting on has a perfect take on what the “War on Terror” is and I suggest you give it a read:

During this so-called war on terror, we haven’t caught Osaba bin Laden. The number of terrorist incidents has dramatically increased since 2001. Global warming and pandemics are threatening our very way of life, fiscal imbalances threaten to wreck the global economy, the government is cooking the economic books, and you can top that off with a severe and looming energy crisis for good measure. Oh, and the Constitution has been eviscerated, we went to war based on lies without politicla consequences, and the military is being ruined.

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