Why are we still in favor of this war again?

Wow. So I came across this flash presentation that makes the case for GWB and his people being complete evil fuckwads in going to war looking for WMD’s, etc. As I watched I was like..”Yup! More people need to see this so they can remember how we got into this war. This is so perfect a piece. If more people saw this, maybe it would crystalize this debacle”. I watch the whole thing and am amazed, literally blown away, to see that it was made before the 2004 election.

Fuck, now it all comes into view. I seemed to have supressed it, but wow! I can’t believe we actually elected this guy again when we did. Wow! How amazing a propaganda machine do they have there in the BWH? And it makes me even more mad that the Democrats in congress and the senate have just let this all happen. And they did you know. Just becasue they are in the minority doesn’t mean they have no power, no ability to sway the public, to fight the good fight. Nope, they just sat back and waited it all out. Much like they still are doing today.

oh yea, the flash piece can be found here.

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