You know, it started out as comment on a blog and ended up being pretty insightful. So I’m posting it here for you all to enjoy. (Well, it was my comment and this is my blog).

I was reading a post on the smedley log and decided to comment on it and the comment grew to be pretty much a real synopsis of what I’m trying to do here on this blog. If I had tried to write a mission statement on my own, I’d have had no luck. But sure enough , out this comment came. It’s amazing how clear things get when you aren’t trying isn’t it?

So here is (as a comment to this post) the purpose of the Duh! Blog:

Of course you are 100% correct. You can easily see this evidenced in the fact that nobody votes anymore, that there is little media focus on real current events, that there is no budding revoultion occuring. We the people who care are certainly in the minority.

I believe that that’s the way we want it. That the actual average human being in America is so spoiled that they don’t need to care about these things. That is a result of our incredible prosperity in America.

If you read a book like “Island” by Huxley you see this utopian society that while incredible, will never happen in the large here in America and probably across the human race. Humans have conquered the real visilbe treats to their existance, they (and I mean all humans) can now get food and make shelter. In short, we can survive and there is some flaw to us that makes that ok. We have no overall need to acheive more as a race. We are inherantly self centered and lazy.

So, as I’m coming to believe, it is up to us, the small majority to lead the sheep to a better world. We can’t count on them to help us. We need to drag them into what should be the 21st century by oursleves.

It frusterates me as well. On my blog I still complain and most of those complaints are not against the establishment. They are agasint the lazy sheeplike public. I feel helpless to make change in the world. But I think that my writing isn’t for those masses, it’s for others like you and others like me. I think it’s a way to say “we’ve got to do something since the rest of America (and in the future, the world) doesn’t (and won’t) do it themselves!”

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