Why do I have to pay for others stupidity?

Look.. If you don’t know that running executables you download off the net could be dangerous then you really shouldn’t be using a computer. That’s what I have to say. Why am I bringing this up? Becasue fucking Windows won’t leave me alone!

I’ve argued before that there should be more than one Windows. One version should be for regular computer users and the other for the rest of them. The first would have no inane security helper training wheels or stupid animations or general overhead and the latter would be a dummed down version of what I’m using now that is simple and easy to use for the 99% of the computer owners in America.

Somewhere along the way, at some point I can’t remember, Windows updated itself into a big fucking baby, looking over my shoulder at every possible second. “Are you sure you want to download that file? It could be dangerous!!!!!”, “Are you sure you want to open that file? It could be harmfull to your computer!!!”, “You haven’t checked for viruses lately…” blah, blah, blah.. leave me alone you fuck!

You know, you can’t turn it off, no matter what you do. Today I really tried. Finally, after who knows how long I decided to devote some of my day to making windows leave me alone. I’m a busy guy and I really don’t have the time to give, but I can’t take it anymore. I got this dialog after trying to run an update I’d just downloaded.

Yes, it was a common dialog. It comes up all the time, with executables, videos, music files.. whatever I download gets this annoying fuck of a message. You’d think that the dialog I got when I tried to download the file in the first place would have been enough:

But nope.. Windows just wanted to make sure, this time with a red shield inststead of the yellow one.. Thanks for looking out for me. See where they have that hyperlink at the bottom that says “How can I decide what software to run?”? Yea.. I click on that and nothing at all happens. So I head into internet options and try to turn it off. I find a few settings that look promising and begin to browse. Now guess what? Every single page I open or browse to I get this nice security warning at the top. Complete with a stange beep sound, in case I don’t see the annoying fucking thing. You know how to turn it off? You can’t sorry.

So I give up for the day. I close the browser and do something else. A few minutes later I open it again and now it won’t let me go to my homepage without a warning.. How considerate!

So what am I to do? Nothing. Microsoft has beaten me once again. Once again, and this is far from the first time, something is working on my computer in a way that I don’t want, and I am helpless to change it if I want to run Windows. I would probably say something here like “how could you all let Windows become the dominant OS?” but that would be like asking how everyone elected George Bush for a second term.

4 thoughts on “Why do I have to pay for others stupidity?

  1. I was actually an early adopter of Firefox and I used it for quite sometime but I got tired of it not working right in some cases. MS had their new ie beta out which had my 2 favorite FF features (tabs and the google search) so I switched back. I have been considering switching back to FF now for a few days.. I just may


  2. I was waiting for you to give me a hard time. Actually as much as I hate Windows, I really don’t like Apple’s OS. My general point is that neither is good enough for me (and I’m sure a whole lot of other computer literates)


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