And people wonder why I don’t like Republicans

So, it seems that a representative from my state has decided to try and ban in schools and public libraries all websites that contain blogs, chat sites and forums.

First off, the bill is crazy broad and if it passes as is, that would just be an insane act of government. But if it did, it could mean that the bill (which is being sold as a ‘protect the kids’ bill) could actually have ulterior motives.

In either case, my god.. how clueless. What a fricken waste of time. Do they actually think that they can stop this movement? Kids will find ways to get around the filters, and other websites will pop up that are subtley different. It’s like the war on drugs, a total waste of time and money just to make us feel like we are doing something when nothing really can be done to stop people from getting what they want. Will they then filter text messaging on cell phones?


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