Am I the idiot?

So, I read a lot of RSS feeds. I use bloglines like any self-respecting net citizen should and I’ve got it filled with blogs and news feeds. Two of my feeds are local, the Daily News Feed and (because it actually has a lot of local stories and updates quite a bit), the NBC10 feed. On the two local news feeds for the past few days I’ve seen literally 50% of the titles contain the name Barbaro. I don’t know who Barboro is so I naturally ignore them. Evidently the guy is sick or something..

Finally I decide on a whim to check one of the feeds titled “Read & Send Barbaro Get Well Messages“. Obviously if you were to click on it you would see where I got a bit surprised (and pissed off). Barbaro is a horse that got hurt.

Look. I love animals probably more than most, but to have an injured horse dominate the local news scene is simply insane. Why isn’t there a story about some local protest against the Iraq war? Why isn’t there a story about the local response to the wiretapping? Why isn’t there a story about anything of any importance to our lives?

I’m wrong aren’t I? I should think that this story should be the top story for not one, not two, but 3 days and counting. Shouldn’t I? I really am the idiot. I must be. Nobody else seems to be complaining with me.

Wait.. Breaking news. In the middle of writing this I decided to do a Technorati search on the Barbaro deal. There were a lot of general news pieces, one insane one that just proves my point entirely, and a bunch of other crap.. But there in the middle of them all were two kindred spirits. So together we can be the 3 idiots. Yay.. Maybe we’ll form a club!

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