Steven Starr Coverup? Hmn?

So I was reading Philly Mag last week and I saw a piece about restaurant cleanliness. Apparently although the city does health inspections of restaurants, there is really no way for the public to get the findings of those inspections. So, Philly magazine decided to get the reports and then post them on their website. Of course I went online to find the reports but had no luck. They weren’t there. Apparently the report had a bunch of bad news about Steven Starr restaurants, some of my favorite ones too! If you look at this piece, you will see that SS wasn’t too happy about the report and it was taken down almost immediately (note that he is one of the magazines biggest supporters, and is also a large part of the city’s economy). Apparently (and here is where I wonder) the report was erroneous and one of the columns was in the wrong place. When corrected, the columns vindicated Steven Starr and then apparently put the blame on Striped Bass, but oh wait, that was another mistake.. the real culprit with the rat infestation was some tiny day care center. Again I wonder..

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