Opie and Anthony

So. Roth is out and Opie and Anthony are in. This is pretty interesting stuff indeed. First off, Opie and Anthony were fun to listen to a few years ago on the radio during drive time. When they got kicked off the air I was really surprised at how they just dissapeared without a fight. In a sense, they lost their street cred to me.

Then a few years later they show up on XM but the catch is that you’d have to pay for their show. Was XM kidding? That was a goofy move. Just put the show on its own channel and let it build subscribers. Alienating current subscribers was simply silly. It wasn’t like O and A were Howard Stern (who’s show you could actually charge for if you wanted). Whatever, I was done with them.

So now they come back to free radio, but get this twist, you get most of the same show (minus curse words I would guess) on free radio now. They’re going to simulcast a 3 hour block of the show on XM and CBS radio. I wonder how all the XM subscribers who are paying to hear O and A feel about that.

Just one more example of really desperate and strange programming decisions by an outdated dinousaur (CBS) and a new company that doesn’t fully get it (XM). But then again maybe I don’t get it since Sirius stock is still stuck in the 5’s.

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