Death and almost Death

Saw two interesting things in “The Week” yesterday. First was a pice about a student that was almost killed. I have to fully copy it over for you to read:

A University of Georgia student was swarmed by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms when he left a costume party dressed as a ninja. Sophomore Jeremiah Ransom had a pair of bandanas around his head when agents yelled, “Freeze!” and surrounded him with drawn guns. “I was in shock, to say the least,” said Ransom. ATF special agent Vanessa McLemore said the response was proper. “Seeing someone with something across the face-from a federal standpoint, that’s not right,” she said.

Ok. Now what do you think I’m going to say about this? First off, the obvious, what the fuck are ATF agents doing on a college campus staking out a costume party? Second, this civilian almost got killed for no reason. It reminds me of the guy in England on the Subway. Lastly, what the hell is that agent talking about? Should I be careful next winter when I wear a scarf across my face? What about all the Muslums wearing berkas? Are they “not right from a federal standpoint” ?? Insane.

Now, talk about insane, the second piece I found painful to read was a piece about this Canadian guy who went across the border into Maine and shot and killed 2 sex offenders. He got thier name and addresses from the online registry. Look. I’ve posted a number of times about sex offenders and the facination the police have with these people, but I don’t get how it is a good thing to allow the general public to have access to these peoples addresses.. do you?

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