Netflix issues

For some reason I remember writing about this before. But like most posts I can’t find it when I do a search for it so I’m not sure that I have or not. Well, in either case, it deserves a repost.

Lately (and in this case I’m talking about the past 6-9 months or so), every other DVD I get from Netflix has a scratch or is unplayable for some reason. It seems to me that for some reason I have the kind of luck that renders this unplayability as happening during the final 3rd of the film.

This is really starting to piss me off. What really makes me mad is that the folks at Netflix (originally one of my favorite companies) don’t seem to care at all. I mean, they gladly rush me a new DVD with no questions asked, but when I write them, they never reply to me. See, for me, getting a replacement disk 3 days later is not a good way to make me happy. Now I loose the continuity of the film, I loose the experience.

What I would like is for them to do some kind of better quality control and stop sending scratched disks in the first place. I switched to blockbuster online as a protest but that lasted about 2 days until I realized that blockbuster was a company that censored films without telling anyone (now I know I wrote about this somewhere!).

I have no recourse. Netflix is my only choice. Perhaps that’s why they don’t feel the need to improve their quality. Well, fuck them man. If you don’t have netflix and go to get your DVD’s the old fashioned way, I say, stick with it for a while. No recommendation from me for you to move.

3 thoughts on “Netflix issues

  1. have you tried the toothpaste fix? I dont know if this works for DVDs, but I used to do it back in the early days of recording CDs since they were so cheaply made. The idea is that the data on the disc is almost never scratched (unless the “top” of the disc is scrathed, the top being where the label is) rather the protective coating is scratched, and the scrathes can be filled in with toothpaste, and I’m sure a plethora of other solutions.


  2. I used to do that with my Swatch face way back when in 8th grade.. I’ll try that next time and see.. thanks for reminding me!


  3. came across this today, thought you might be interested, even though I’m not even sure I understand what it means (I watch too much TV to have any time for movies)


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