The Sex Offender Next Door

I’ve written about this subject before. I’m glad that Phildelphia Magazine is concerned about the same issue. They had an article this month about two sex offenders, both the same in the eyes of the law in NJ but totally different to most people.

In the case of Steve Elwell, nothing could be closer to what I was talking about 6 months ago. Something really should be done about this issue. I know it’s not something that any politician wants to touch, but they should becasue it’s the right thing to do. All you and I can do is complain and home that Steve wins his case.

One thought on “The Sex Offender Next Door

  1. And yet there is no mention in the article of what A.J. thinks. Overall, the author makes a very good point about the differences in the crimes and the differences time has wrought on Elwell and Priestley. Elwell’s fight would be much more convincing if A.J. supported his pardon, or if he appeared to have any regrets whatsoever about his role as the adult figure in that relationship.


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