My life is in complete disarray my friends. I am living out of boxes and I can’t find a damn thing (including my cellphone charger.. which is becomming a more serious problem by the minute). You see, I have moved.

My girlfriend and I bought a house on March 1. It was in perfectly fine shape, but we thought it needed a master bathroom closer to the bedroom (the original bath was far away down the hall). That led to us cutting a bedroom in half and building said bathroom. That of course made the bedroom too small so we then decided to combine it with the 3rd bedroom. Of course that meant we needed a new hardwood floor for the new bedroom. All of these things had to be done before we moved in (2 days ago). Also, we didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money so we decided to do it ourselves. That, of course is why I’ve been so distant.

Let me tell you, nothing is harder than psysical labor and combine that with a ‘real’ job and you’ve got one tired person. I’ve been working 14 hour plus days since March 1 and we’re not even done yet. Well, the office (the old bedroom) is pretty much done, but the bathroom is still only at about 50%. But we’re moved in and all our stuff is here so all we have to do now is unpack and organize. Easier said than done..

Anyway, I’ll try to post some photos and try to get back into writing here, but I’ll be busy with unpacking, finishing up the bathroom and oh yea.. for the next 2 weeks my favorite Philadelphia event will be taking up about 6 hours per day : The Philadelphia Film Festival!!

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