Molly Saves The Day

For those of you in South Dakota who need abortions, here is how to accompish one. I think this is a wonderful gesture. I’m not sure what’s going to come of it, but the only way I can support Molly in her casue is by linking to her blog and giving her some major props.

The more I think about this, it shows me that even if Abortions become illegal across the nation, the illegal abortion “clinics” will not be anywhere near as bad as they were back in the day. I can easily see piercing clinicians doing these procedures since they understand how to keep their tools sterile and clean. I can see step by step instructions posted on the net (like Molly has done). I can see well funded underground clinics opening up. Times are changed here in the world. This is not the 60’s. This is the 21st Century where infomation is free and available. Maybe things aren’t so bleak after all?

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