Susteen DataPilot is a piece of junk

I spent $90 so I could download my contacts from my computer to my phone. Yes, I agree this is an insane amount of money but its the only way. I bought a kit called DataPilot from a company named Susteen. The kit comes with a myriad of connector cables so it can be used with practically any cell phone. I thought it was worth it since between my girlfriend and I, we have 3 phones and I’m sure over the years we would end up with more and it would be nice to easily move the contacts to and from the phones. Also it would allow us to move photos, etc. as well to and from the phones.

The probelm is that the software sucks and doesn’t work as its supposed to. I found this out after I had it erase the contacts on my phone (to make way for a new clean set from outlook). I tried a million different ways to get them to write to the phone but it just doesn’t do it. It says it does, but nothing ends up on the phone. Tech suppost doesn’t seem to cae either. It’s email only and nobody answers it.

So I’m trying to return it and it seems that they don’t refund shipping charges which I find insane as well. I take a risk in buying their product. I buy it online so they can save money and when their product doesn’t work I ahve to pay the shipping both ways? How is that fair? Fuckers.

Now lets back up a second and ask ourselves why we need to buy 3rd parts software and hardware to connect to our cellphones. I mean, why when you buy a phone does it not come with some way to synch with a computer? I’ve got 30 photos on my phone that I can’t get on my computer unless I use verizon to send them one by one to myself in emials. It’s not even the cost that makes this prohibative, it’s having to type in my email address into the phone 30 times.

Some phones have bluetooth, but I haven’t found that to work that well either. It’s just plan silly that we should have to jump through hoops to do simple stuff with technology. I’d write my own software if I could find the api for my phone..

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