American Inventor

First off, as promised I’ve been away from the blog. And more than that I’ve been away from life. I haven’t spent much time at the computer so I haven’t been keeping up on the news or my other blogs at all. Sorry.. I will most likely be out of the loop for another 2 weeks. Perhaps I’ll fill you in about why in another post.

I did have a free moment to watch the first half of “American Inventor” though and let me say that it’s a total copy of American Idol (which I have seen about 1.5 episodes of purely by osmosis). There are like 50,000 entries across the county and the first episode (or more, I don’t know) is focusing on whittliing that group down to a manageble number. The entries are simply regular joes who have invented something.

Just like American Idol this show realizes that the bad entries are just as entertaining (or more) than the good entries so it tends to focus on those more. The bad entires are simply comical and I’m I’m not sure if the entrants are full of shit or not. I mean some of the entries and presentations are simply comical. It seems like the people are trying just to get on TV. If these people are serious, they are a sad reflection of the general populous of our country.

The good inventions so far are kind of dull but I have no doubt one or more of them could sell a million units. The show itself seems to focus on the human element and on the hard luck stories of the inventors. It’s kind of sappy at times. I’m glad I have it on Tivo since I could fast forward not only over the commercials but over the crap in the show. The first hour took me about 25 minutes to watch.

I sort of reccomend this show. Maybe I’ll have more of an opinion at a later date.. who knows..

have a good weekend.

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