Two TV Shows

So I’ve found two new TV shows that you should check out.

First is “Sons & Daughters“. This is a great show, but I don’t think it will last since it really doesn’t seem to fit into the general TV sit-com mold. First off I know it will fail since it has a very similar feel to “Significant Others” which I loved but only survived 2 seasons. So what makes it similar? Well, it has one of the same characters from SO in it (Fred Goss), has similar transitions, no laugh track and also is partially ad-libbed. Anyway, the show is pretty funny and certainly entertaining so I higly reccomend you check it our before it goes the way of “Arrested Development” (which was way more commercial). Oh.. just found a review that sums it all up quite nicely.

The second show is somthing that not everyone will like, but I loved and found it so funny that there were genuine tears running down my face. This show is called “Pros vs. Joes“. Essentially the concept is this: take some average guys who think they are great atheletes and put them up against true pro atheletes and see what happens. Obviously this is a huge mis-match so to keep things relatively competative, they use ex-atheletes instead. For example (and this is where I laughed so hard I almost paseed out) the first show I saw asked the joes to play defensive back and cover Jerry Rice. Each guy got 3 tries and Jerry never got a rest. Of them, one made contact with Jerry (and that was when Jerry strong armed him into the ground). Others were simply hysterical as Jerry just faked these guys out of their shoes. To be honest, one guy stopped one pass, but in the NFL it would have been PI. Amazing stuff. Oh, another event we saw? Try to get a rebound off of Dennis Rodman.. Ha Ha Ha… Check this show out.. it’s a ton of fun!

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