We Don’t need no Stinkin Forms!

This is a great video. It is part of a report by a local news crew and a watchdog group where they go into police stations across S. Florida and ask for a form to complain about an officer. While the report clearly shows that the forms don’t exist (nor or required) in the police stations, what’s shocking was how the person was treated. In one case he was threatened by an officer with his gun (something that happened to me once in the south) for no reason other than not complying with an illegal request for id. It’s pretty chilling stuff. Also on the video is an interview with John Timony who is the chief there in Miami. His dept. had the forms. Timony is a really good guy. I met him once when he was cheif here in Philly and he did an amazing job during the RNC a few years back. It was good to see him running a tight ship in Miami. But the other districts? Wow.. totally predictable.

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