Didn’t they have something like this in Waco once?

I’m not sure how I feel about the Domino’s development in Florida. I mean, it’s kind of like a commune right? Or a cult thing? In all honesty I think I remember Disney building a town in Florida that would follow strict christian guidelines.. FreedomTown? Something like that. Anyway, if the “town” is fully built on private land (and it doesn’t say in the article.. though one would think that would be a crucial bit of news) I can’t see why we should complain or would have any right to. Say I decide to set up a “store” in my house and sell stuff to my family. I don’t see how the state or federal government could say what I could or couldn’t sell there.

I like the idea acutally. I have proposed something similar (but of course opposite) in the past. A town on private land where there were no laws. See this ooooold blog post of mine from 9/04:

So I’ll have to talk to a lawyer about this one, but here’s my concept…

I was thinking that in some cases, towns and cities have laws that somehow supercede state and federal laws. So, for instance if a town wanted to legalize prostitution or marajuana usage or whatever, they could do it. I know in Cali they are in a legal debate with the feds over marajuana but still, I believe the concept is that a city can make its own laws.

So, my question is this. If I had a big enough land mass and a group of people living on/owning that land could we just consider ourselves a city or a town or a county or whatever?

My concept is this. Using some cool website and the internet, wouldn’t it be possible to assemble groups of morally like minded people (say people who want legal drug use or liberal speed limits) and get those groups of people to all move to the same place and form their own towns and legal systems?

Why isn’t this possible?

Apparently New Hampshire is the place to move to if you want liberty. Also here.

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