I’m not a drug dealer

Ok.. Let me clear something up for the authorites that are reading my blog. Contrary to what I may have said here, I’m not a drug dealer, nor do I have any illegal drugs.

Now. Why am I writing that? Well, I’ve seen a considerable spike in readership since that post and I’m scared. I have this vision of the police, fbi, nsa, whoever checking out my blog and deciding “ahh, another moron kid showing off for his friends” and then coming over and doing a raid on my house. While I’d like to believe that that’s a longshot, you never know in todays society.

See, I was simply trying to make a point that just becasue you see something on a blog post or in a photograph doesn’t make it true. The gun is real (and legally owned and registered by me), the drugs are clearly fake (as one of my friends pointed out in about 32 seconds).

It would be a waste of taxpayer money to come and raid my house. I’m just a normal citizen who has a hard time keeping his head down all the time. I really don’t want to have a whole day (or more) of my life taken up by crazy searches and (god forbid) arrests.

You know, it’s amazing that I’m so scared. Probably because just yesterday I finished watching a great movie called “The Tunnel” (der Tunnel is the real name) about the seperating of Berlin (and Germany) into the East and the West. The poor folks in the GDR followed one rule : innocent or guilty, keep your head down you don’t want the police on you.

Maybe I’m paranoid but with all this wiretapping and erosion of civil liberties I kind of feel the same way when I write in this blog. I take contrary stances all the time to stuff. It would take 2 seconds to list me as a terrorist even though I couldn’t be more of an American. I mean look, even Morrisey was questioned.

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