Police arrest teen over Photos?

So let me get this right. Police were cruising MySpace (hmn.. sounds like they read my blog) and found the page of a teen that was from a local high school. On that page were photos of drugs, the teen with a gun in his hand, and some claims that he was a drug dealer.

First of all, let me ask you how they were able to determine that the page was created by, maintained and essentially owned by the teen. They can’t you know. At most they can supena MySpace and perhaps get the pages email address registration but what does that proove exactly? How easy is it to spoof email?

Ok lets assume that the page belongs to the kid (though any half ass lawyer should be able to get the case thrown out right there). How is it that anyone can proove that the photos were genuine? The NBC10 page says : “there are pictures of ecstasy, marijuana-stuffed cigarettes and cocaine” . Uh really? How do they know that the cigarettes were stuffed with pot? How do they know the cocaine wasn’t powder? I made a film in highschool called “Lower Marian Vice” that was a take off of the popular Miami Vice (this was the 80s) where we had guns, and drugs all over the place. Were they real drugs? Nope.. but you sure couldn’t tell by looking at the film.

Ok, so assume that in some crazy world the pigs were able to determine that the photos were real. When did it become illegal to post photos of drugs on the internet? When did it become illegal to post photos of guns on the internet? The gun apparently was seized and legally belonged to the kids father… so how is that illegal?

Here is the kicker “The teen bragged that he was making $250,000 a year — an unlikely claim, police said”.. ahh.. so the kid was lying here and boasting to look cool. Who is to say that he wasn’t boasting about the rest?

Anyway, here is what I have to say. Hello Philly cops!! Hello? I am a drug dealer. I make $500,000 a year selling extacy, cocaine and pot. I have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it. As proof, here are some actual photos :

10 thoughts on “Police arrest teen over Photos?

  1. Wll, lets add some keywords then : Bomb, bomb, dirty bomb, kill, shoot, assasinate, terror, islam, allah, infidel, bush, ports, new york, city, bridge, gun, rifle, operative, cell.. can you think of any others? I want to make the visit from the pigs worth their trip…


  2. The sad thing is absolutely no one is listening. According to the Bush administration it’s also quite alright to spy on private citizens. This kind of thing makes me livid, but It feels there is no hope.. It seems like the majority of people out there are ok with losing their basic liberties. I don’t think I have any fight left in me…


  3. http://papundits.com/index.php/2006/03/02/internet-security/

    …The police could easily of requested, or gotten a court order of the stats for the website. From there it wouldn’t take much to see which IP address is hitting the publish pages. You can look up the IP address with ARIN, which will limit it down to an internet service provider. From there it’s just a matter of finding out from the provider who is using the IP at the specified time….


  4. True. But what I don’t get is that even though you could link blog updates to an IP address, I don’t see how that actually links a person to that blog. A) the IP could have been spoofed to look like it came from that person, b) if the person had wireless internet access open to the public, anyone could have used that IP address, c) if they traced futhther and were able to trace to a MAC address, at best it would implicate a computer and not a particular user.


  5. If the kid has been smart enough to use an anonymizer he wouldn’t of been caught.

    “The teen was being held at a juvenile detention center facing three misdemeanor charges of juvenile possession of a handgun , said district attorney spokeswoman Pam Russell. He is due in court Feb. 27.”


  6. Actually my thought is that the kid may have been innocent and framed by a friend/enemy who was very computer literate. I agree it was probably him, my real point is in the legal distinctions..


  7. by the way, for those reading, the above quote from E L was from a different story..

    There is also yet another mySpace related story here that I find pretty amazing. So, let me see, if I’m reading or linked to someone who gets suspended/arrested due to mySpace content I am implicated? Huh? I’d be complaining more if it was a legal issue.. in this case it’s a school and they can pretty much do whatever they want it seems.


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