9/11 once more

I’ve gotten a lot of responses by email (would love them to have been comments) about my Loose Change post. Mostly people saying: “the video is compelling and there are some issues that we don’t know, but I can’t believe it was a govt. conspiracy.. too many people involved would have to keep secrets…”, etc. Let me clarify my stance a bit. First off I don’t think it was a govt. conspiracy. I think it was Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, Bush Sr., other Bush men, a few other insiders (in this case not Rove) combined with a select few defense contractors and CEOs that were the main perpetrators. As for the real ground operatives, the CIA has a ton of them that specialize in doing things and never telling anyone about them. These are the kinds of people who on a daily basis do all kinds of odd things in the name of Patriotism–Stuff that they don’t question at all because it is part of plan that they don’t know nor want to understand. Everyone else involved? They could have been duped into doing things for other reasons. I truly think the rest is all manipulation and misdirection. Qualities that the BHW is not lacking at all.

As for the video, sure I’ve got some issues. I think if the director was more skilled, it would have been more convincing, and I think that some questions were unanswered, but the film shows that there are clearly huge holes in the official word and the BWH insistence on secrecy about everything doesn’t help make the conspiracy theory’s go away.

But the video appealed to me more than most because I had heard two other theory’s/fact sets before it. First was the whole pentagon plane thing. There are dozens of sites talking about the fact that there is 0 wreckage from the 757 and the verifiable fact that all surveillance tapes from the area (hotels nearby, etc) were immediately confiscated by the FBI (I’m sure those agents were manipulated into thinking that they needed to confiscate them for some official reason.. this is the kind of stuff I’m talking about in the first paragraph). Anyway, I firmly believe that a 757 did not hit the pentagon. Secondly (and I don’t remember where this came from) there was a story about all RF devices not being allowed to operate on 9/11 in the vicinity of the towers (TV microwave, etc.) on that day. That combined with the fact that NASA (and the military) having proven that they can fly large planes large distances does not rule out that the planes were remote controlled.

Most of the comments and criticisms I heard made mention of the passengers of the planes. Where are thy? Yup I don’t know. Personally I differ from the film in that I think that they were in fact on some of the planes involved in the attacks. I think were 3 planes and one missile. The missile hit the pentagon (cruise missile is my guess form looking at the damage and the wreckage and the site). The 3 planes I think were actual passenger planes that were filled with people but remote controlled. So in my version all the people did in fact die. I think the one in PA was either shot down accidentally and covered up by the military (thinking either that they made a huge mistake, or did the right thing but that the people in America “would never understand we shot down a passenger plane”) or the passengers broke into the cabin to find no pilots and the remote controllers simply blew it up to cover up evidence… Which would explain why there was no wreckage or bodies at the “crash site”

In either case, the bottom line in my book is that things did not go the way we’ve been fed and I’m sure we’ll never know what happened, but we can’t simply let the machine feed us all the time. We as a people should be vigilant and we should always question. Weather for fun, for profit or for country, we should always question.

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