iTunes suckers

I’ve said it before, iTunes and the iPod are a joke.. do you know why? Apple has all of those songs digitally managed so you can’t copy them or play them on anything else but an iPod.. duh.

5 thoughts on “iTunes suckers

  1. i think your gripe should be directed towards the itune Music Store, and not itunes itself, or the ipod. As far as I can tell they are still the best mp3 players on the market.


  2. Well, the general issue I have is that most (and I speak only from experience) people who use iPods get their music from iTunes and have no idea that their music has very restrictive DRM data built in to it. Personally I love my Creative Labs player. It was cheaper, it can play more formats and it looks and sounds awesome.

    I guess I just get bugged when people think that iPods and the Apple way is the only way when in fact Apple just marketed themseleves into this game better than anyone.


  3. oh come on, do you really believe that apple sells so many ipods b/c of their marketing campaign? I agree that they do dominate the market b/c of marketing, but its word of mouth marketing, not the stupid print/TV ads. Word of mouth is a testiment to the product.


  4. Not neccisarily thier direct marketing efforts for the iPot but the overall Apple marketing that has created a brand perception that Apple = Simple and Perfect. Which in many ways is clearly not true.


  5. you can put itunes music on other players and most itunes users infact do not use the store for the majority of their purchases. Most users rip from their own cd library or from other places.


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