Arab port deal – part 2

So a few days I posted about the Arab Port Deal. Since then, it’s turned into a hurricane of activity in the government. The interesting thing I’ve noticed is how the Republican congressmen are turning against the deal. Let me clue you in on something here: a) the president has an approval rating of less than 45%, b) The VP is even lower, c) the president is a lame duck, and most importantly d) the midterm elections are upon us. Of course congress would be against this deal! They don’t want to look soft on terrorism and they could care less about supporting the BWH becasue they are on their own now for getting re-elected. Be sure to notice how up until the election they oppose him more and more. It’s not that the R’s finally got backbones, its that the BWH ride is over and they know it and it’s time to get re-elected!

Anyway, so today I read that the President didn’t even know about the deal until a few days ago. A deal that his administration put together and set up!!! You can look at this in one of two ways. Either the administraion is running by itself w/o the prsident in the loop or the president is lying to us again. Either way, its bad bad bad man.

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