It was such a good idea

So I hate going to the Movie Theater. In a number of posts I’ve complained about all kinds of things related to the experience. A few years ago a movie theater called The Bridge opened up at Penn. The concept was simple: charge more money for a ticket and the clientel will be more genteel. Obviously it didn’t work. This isn’t an isolated case. I’ve been there a number of times and every time I’ve been there, the place was overrun with loud, toublemaking teenagers. One time I almost got beat up by one for apparently being “a bitch”.

Even at the Ritz, which used to be my last bastion of hope for a nice peaceful movie expierence, I’m beginning to see more and more people being rude and noisy. At Brokeback the other night, a woman behind us not only had her cellphone ring during the film, but ANSWERED IT AND HAD A CONVERSATION!

If a company would start a theater here that would follow these few simple guidelines, they would make a killing:

1) block all cellphone signals in all the theaters
2) add an usher into each theater who would police behavior and monitor quality of the projection/sound
3) no more general admission seating. Number the seats and allow advance sales for them

I mean the industry complains that sales are down. Well, in addition to people not going becasue of terrible quality films, maybe the experience is part of it as well.

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