Brokeback Mountain

Well, I only have one more film to see (Munich) to complete my Oscar Nominee project. I have to say than Munich better be pretty damn good because of the 4 I’ve seen so far, none of them has impressed me as the best films of the past year.

I’d place Brokeback at the bottom of my list. It’s not that it’s a particularly bad film, but it’s the worst of the 4 I’ve seen so far. I think that the two best parts (and they were really seriously good parts) of the film were the cinematography and the acting by Heath Ledger, who was really good.

The film is formula. It’s the old ‘forbidden love’ story set in Wyoming and about 2 gay cowboys. As my girlfriend said, the film could have been exactly the same with an interracial couple and the absence of man sex. The story began to fall apart a bit near the end. Some characters that were developed earlier began to disappear, making me think that they really weren’t necessary in the first place.

The casting was pretty good, though Anne Hathaway looked really goofy in her blonde wig. But I did get to see her boobs, which is nice. Oh, also I got to see Michelle Williams breasts, which makes me think that they had to show some boobs so men would actually go to the film.

There were some really annoying flashbacks near the end that were simply odd and it seems like they put them in after audience testing which is never a good thing at all. I don’t know. the film just rubbed me the wrong way and any film that has my girlfriend and I going back and forth with things we found stupid or didn’t make sense really isn’t a good film since usually at least one of us is satisfied enough to defend it.

So whatever, it will probably win the Oscar because it’s “such and important film” but I hope it doesn’t. At this point, I think the leader is “Good Night and Good Luck” with “Capote” in second. What do you think?

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