What do we give up with Myspace?

So I just came up with a great money making idea. Feel free to use it. As you know, there is a tremendous amount of public personal information on the internet. Any given person, may have a blog, a friendseter/myspace account, or some other form of self-expression on the net. The interesting thing is that content of something like a myspace account could be really useful for employers or credit agencies or the like at some future date. For example, my younger sibling has a myspace account and they have all kinds of stuff on there, from their beliefs, to their network of other friends. Now, say 20 years from now they are looking for a job. Would a company pay to see that myspace page as it was today? I would argue yes. This page could tell what kind of political slant a person would have, it would show possible connections to other people that may or may not be useful for the company, etc.

My plan is to start caching all these pages (friendster, myspace and blogs) in a secure way that is verifyable and auditable. This database can totally be sold to another company who can sell it off person by person.

Now, of course this doesn’t really feel like a good thing at all, having all of your personal beliefs available to some future employer. But it is totally plausible and in some ways, it’s just the same as if you were going to hire some author or journalist. You could clearly do a search of all their work and use it to make your decision. The thing is that we give up our privacy when we post on the net in any form. Most people though, don’t think this through. I have and I’m ok with the risks involved, but what about a 15 year old kid? Parents clearly need to think about this and I’m sure it is a very tiny percentage that do.

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