I was talking to my dad the other day about how fucked up the Democratic party is. I told him “What they need is just one person to get up and say anything that makes sense and is agreed to by the whole party. They need a Newt Gingrich moment.” I was referring to the “Plan for America” that Newt came up with a while ago to unite the county behind the Repulican Party. Sure the plan was a bunch of marketing crap, but everyone heard it and it was the beginning of a sea change in politics. The Repulicans swept in after that.. riding a wave of “change”.

So, who is going to do that today? Who is going to stand up and make some sense? Who is going to fire some shots across the bow of the normal every day political ship? Well, it’s Newt again!

He writes about how fucking innane presidential campains are. How focus group and sound bite oriented they are. How the candidates in the debates don’t debate at all, how they don’t show any intelligence or skill in any way. I’m sure it’s not the candidates, it’s the process. And I can’t help but agree with him.

Contrary to what your mom told you, the office of President of the United States is not for just anyone. It takes someone who is really smart, who can make good decisions, who is well rounded, who cares about the country more than their own carreer aspirations, who is honest, who has integrity. These are qualities we never get a chance to see and judge when we see our candidates campain. We really should demand better.

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