Organized Religion is bad news man

Ok. I get it, any depiction of Muhammad, including cartoons are blasphemous. While it is kind of a stupid thing to make sacrilegious, I’m not here to comment on that so I won’t get into it. What I will get into are two points. First of all is this thought: Every day, millions of people do things that either I don’t agree with or I would never do because of my morals. Does that give me any cause to want to kill them? Second is this thought. After 9/11 the big push by everyone in the world was this thought: Islam is a peaceful religion. Now is that why these peaceful Muslims are protesting by burning down embassies?

Obviously there is some mix-up in what Islam and its followers are all about. First I would like to say that I believe the religious scholars when they read the Koran and tell me that it’s a document focused on peace. But I also believe that organized religion has an amazing way of distorting stuff to serve its own dogma. This happens all the time with the Bible and those insane evangelicals and other Christians. While I’m sure the Bible has all kinds of peaceful intent (“Thou shall not kill” is a good one), you see people killing abortion doctors all the time. I can come up with dozens of other examples.

So my argument is this, most of the Muslims in the Middle east are totally brainwashed by this organized Islam, just as the Christians are here in America. This is not a good thing. People are being completely led around and manipulated by their religious leaders and it is leading to some serious evil. I’m all for people believing whatever they want, what I’m not in favor of is people forcing their values on others, moral or otherwise.

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