Prince.. da man

Saw Prince yesterday on SNL. He was pretty good. I was always impressed by the guy even though I didn’t always love his music. The fact that he always did his own thing and didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought, and the fact that on most of his albums he played every last instrument while having written all the songs and lyrics were always the two main reasons I loved the guy.

So, it was good to see him again in such a public way. But the reason I write you today about him was something my gf said last night “He never sold out”. A while back I wrote about how the Doors were one of the only bands I could name that hasn’t sold out their songs to tv commercials. And I still believe it. Almost everyone has sold a song and I’ll bet today during the SB you will see one or two commercials with songs by bands you thought would never sell out to the man.

Well, Prince hasn’t and I’d be surprised if he did. So I’m adding that to my list of reasons why he rules.

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